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Beer Statistics
Starting Gravity
Final Gravity
Starting Gravity in Plato
Final Gravity in Plato
Real Extract
Apparent Attenuation
Real Attenuation
Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
Alcohol By Weight (ABW)  
Calories for 12oz / 22oz
Carbs / 12 oz

Note on Carbohydrates in beer. Yeast consume all the simple sugars is most beers. Residual carbs in beer are mostly oligosaccharides
which are not digested by your body. Thus, they do not increase your blood sugar level. Beer can, instead, lower your blood sugar as the alcohol
inhibits the breakdown of sugars stored in fat and may even cause hypoglycemia or too little glucose in your system.
Based mostly on formulas by Charlie Fix and Google results from around the web. Primetab Formulas

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Calculations Based BYO article Calculating Gravity, Bitterness and Color and the chart for Grain Potential Extract or Homebrew Talk Wiki Malt Chart

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