The Evil Eye GeoCoin      


The Evil Eye Personal GeoCoin is based on the centuries old beliefs of the Greek, Portuguese and Italian heritages of my family.  The Evil Eye talisman is still worn by many people today.   Even I still wear an Evil Eye pendant. I also have a personal signature item that is an Evil Eye pendant.


Evil Eye GeoCoin Front


I created this personal GeoCoin as a little homage to my wife’s grandfather who passed away recently.  He held the belief that compliments brought undo attention that may bring the curse and was always reluctant to compliment how cute or smart his grandchildren are so as not to attract the evil eye curse.  We have hanging in our house the talisman he gave us on our wedding day.  The coin front is modeled after the one hanging on our wall.

Talisman hanging on my wall


The back of my GeoCoin has the following transcription: 
"With this amulet you are protected from the Evil Eye Curse.
You will be shielded from the misfortune brought on by the
envy and jealousy of those that will covet your belongings
and success."


Also, on the back is my GeoCaching name, "CC", above the eye shaped number plate. Each coin is numbered with the coin number and the number of coins minted e.g. 11/50.  Below that is the name of my alter ego "Carl Castillero". This GeoCoin is NOT trackable at It is 1.5" Diameter.


Evil Eye GeoCoin back


Pictures of the limited edition silver coins:

Evil Eye GeoCoin LE Silver Front/Back

Evil Eye GeoCoin LE Silver Back

Evil Eye GeoCoin LE Silver Front


The limited edition coin will be offered at $8.00 including shipping within the US and Canada.

If you are interested in buying a Limited Edition CC Evil Eye Personal GeoCoin, please click
this link and complete the form. CC Evil Eye GeoCoin Order Page
Orders can be paid via PayPal or directly to me in person.



I have both Antique Silver and Antique Bronze for trade. I very much prefer
to trade for personal coin, but am not limited to only personals. Please email me
at the link below if you are interested in a trade.

Evil Eye Antique Silver GeoCoin

Pictures of the Antique Silver coins:


Evil Eye GeoCoin Antique Silver Front/Back

Evil Eye GeoCoin Antique Silver Front

Evil Eye GeoCoin Antique Silver Back

Evil Eye GeoCoin Antique Bronze Front

Evil Eye GeoCoin Antique Bronze Back


Mail me at :  Email CC


Special, Undying thanks go to our dear family friend,
Liz, whose talents and beauty exceed all - although she is too humble to mention them...


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